The ANUK/Unipol National Codes are voluntary schemes aimed at both university owned accommodation and private halls. Members join the National Codes to demonstrate their commitment to providing students with a good housing service and where possible you should try to rent from a housing supplier who is a member of either Code.
Benefits of living in accommodation managed by members of the ANUK/Unipol Codes include reassurance that you will receive a certain standard of housing management and a procedure that you can follow if a problem occurs.
The ANUK/UnipolCodes are fully supported by NUS, who are a key stakeholder and contribute to the management and complaints procedures of the Codes.
Here are some of the advantages of living in a building covered by the ANUK/Unipol Codes:

  • Your contract is clearly written, stating what you are paying for and how much your rent is, with reasonable terms and no hidden costs
  • Your accommodation should be  ready for you when you arrive
  • Your accommodation meets a set of nationally recognised standards of services, furniture and fittings
  • Repairs and maintenance are carried out within agreed timescales
  • Your building will meet with robust health and safety standards
  • If a deposit is charged, you will know what it is for and it will be returned to you promptly at the end of the year with a clear explanation of why any deductions have been made
  • You will be given information to explain what management routines are followed in the buildings e.g. inspections, routine maintenance etc.
  • There is a set  procedure for dealing with  disputes and complaints